Laptop Water Liquid Damage Repair

I get customers that come in panicking after spilling some sort of liquid or another on their laptop all the time.
Well, I just wanted to provide some tips as to how to deal with a liquid spill on your computer so that you can increase the probability of saving your laptop or desktop after an accident.

First thing you want to do is power the machine off.

Then you want to turn the machine upside down and drain any liquid that’s inside the laptop.

After that remove the battery and wipe the computer as well as possible.

If you do not know how to take your computer apart you and a computer repair technician or shop is not immediately accessible just clean the computer the best you can by wiping any liquid off the keyboard, screen, in the battery chassis, under the keyboard if possible.

Dry the machine upside down with a fan blowing into it if you have one until you are able to go to a computer repair shop. Make sure you take your computer to a certified computer technician as soon as possible. iComputer has over a 90% success rate with liquid damage computer repair.

The longer your computer sits in the residual liquid the higher the possibility that it will not be saved due to corrosion and oxidation on the laptop or desktop components.

If you do know how to disassemble the computer make to insulate yourself from static discharge. Static discharge from your hands or body can destroy even a dry computer.

Remove the hard drive to protect the data and let it dry separately. At this point unless you are a computer technician or very savvy I would recommend taking it to a service center.

If you feel confident cleaning the board you can start removing any dry residue. Use a toothbrush or lint-free cloth to gently remove any dried residue from non-water stains such as cola or coffee. Blow the residue away with compressed air, or use a vacuum cleaner with an adjustable power setting or bypass valve to ensure a gentle attempt is made at removing the residue when it has dried to a powder.

Rinse off the residue. If you spilled anything besides water on the laptop, rinsing it clean will be the most dramatic part. You can use an electronic cleaner which is usually just a pure alcohol to clean your machine really well. After that you have to make sure the machine is completely dry before reassembling the computer and attempting to power it on. You may have to clean the computer and the components several times. If this does not work take the computer to a repair shop with certified technicians. iComputer uses proven and responsible procedures to repair liquid damage laptops and desktops. Call us for any questions or quotes.