Dell Laptop Virus Removal

We are the leading independent repair company in Bangalore providing fast, safe and cost effective Virus removal.
Virus infections are the most common problems we see on standard computers and laptops which come into our repair workshops.
Viruses can slow down, damage or even prevent a computer from functioning altogether.
they can be very malicious and can (unknown to the user) send information from an infected systems to somebody else on the internet.
If a systems is infected by a virus it may be possible to simply remove it and the systems can carry on unaffected.
Viruses are evolving and emanating hourly so it is very important when protecting a system against harmful viruses that regular updates for new viruses is conducted.
This can happen for a variety of reasons when you’re online, no matter what you’re doing, and the only real help is having a good anti virus program running, and making sure you back up your data quite regularly.
Computers Unlimited are very experienced in these areas and offer a very fast cost effective solution for this service.

First of all don’t panic!

You can get a virus or other infection on your laptop just by hitting the wrong download button on a web site you have visited.

The Metropolitan Police Virus can be very frightening as it says you have illegal images or software on your laptop and that you could be arrested if you do not pay to remove them.

Ignore these messages and bring your laptop in for disinfection. You haven’t done anything wrong, it’s just a way to extort money from you time and time again.

Other infections such as the Babylon Toolbar, or Delta Search are normally caused by downloading smileys or some other free software.

We can clean your laptop of all infection ensuring you are virus free from just Rs.250.