Laptop Display Repair

Laptop Display Repair – Drop your laptop? On all laptops that have been dropped or physically damaged, the screen is one of the most fragile components.
We replace all of the different screen types, and sizes, from LCD and LED, to the digitizers (touch screens) on some of the newer Windows 10 models.
Screen replacements usually take one of our engineers 3 hours to complete, and are covered by our 3 month warranty.

Choose this screen repair if you have cracked or broken your desktop & Laptop screen. All screen repairs have a 1 Hour Service.

  • 1: Determine if you need a new screen.
  • 2: Find and remove the bezel screws.
  • 3: Remove the bezel.
  • 4: Find the right replacement parts.
  • 5: Replace the broken screen.
  • 6: Power it up.