1.Initial Diagnostics:

You can observe the damaged DC jack on the back of my computer.
The new DC jack shows how it is supposed to be.

2.Materials Required:

Materials required for this instructable are following.

  • 1) Soldering iron (25W)
  • 2) Multi-mater (optional)
  • 3) Small screw drivers: 1set
  • 4) Pen
  • 5) Paper
  • 6) New DC jack*
  • 7) Thermal compound (often used for computer)
  • 8) Disposable cups x6
  • 9) Desoldering braid
  • 10) Isopropanol

3.Remove Plate Connector

Observe how the plate connector is fixed to computer body.
My case was that the back of hinge had place to pop up.
Very gently slide flat drive in and gradually lift it until the plate pops up.
Reverse the laptop and remove the plate connector.
Remove the cables and plugs attached to the plate.

The mechanisms how plate connector is affixed to body of the computer varies.
Some manufacture is more difficult than the others.
Do not force pulling the plate out.

You can check the continuity with multi-meter. In my case, it was difficult to place the probe into the jack. Then follow the diagrams and screw back the screws.

Before placing exoskeleton, you need to clean remaining thermal compound from CPU heat sink with 90% Isopropanol and add new drop of thermal compound.

Reassemble the rest of laptop computer. Make sure all the cables and connectors are placed back. It is arduous to open it again and reconnect.